8 First Baptist Church Rd
Piedmont, SC 29673
(864) 845-7801

Mission Vision

Mission Statement:

Proclaiming the Gospel
Making Disciples
Serving Others

Vision Statement:

The First Baptist Church of Piedmont is a fellowship of Christians who meet to worship God. We are dedicated to the service of mankind and to the mission task of the whole Christian Church.

Our vision incorporates the principles of our Church Covenant.

Our Church Covenant

    We enter into this covenant with God and one another because God has called us to be his children. 

We have expressed God’s calling by confession of our faith, baptism and church membership.

 Because the congregation is the dwelling place of God in the Holy Spirit,

the true temple into which we are built as living stones:

 We will worship together regularly.

  We will pray together and privately.

 We will use our abilities to build up the church in the character of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will share the Gospel with family, friends, neighbors, and all humanity.

 We will give regularly and proportionately to the support of the church.

 We will strive to live holy and devout lives, walking together in love and peace, guided by the scriptures.

We will control anger, shun profane speech, and abstain from gossip.

 We will seek to resolve all conflict promptly and fairly.

 We will avoid all addiction, all harmful practices and substances, and seek health in mind and body.

  We will seek to build functional, nurturing families.

 We will allow the fruit of God’s Spirit – Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and

self-control to grow in our lives.

We will seek the fellowship of another church when we move from this place.

 ALL: We make this covenant in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who has called us to salvation.